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The year 2015 this far

Jul. 31st, 2015 | 10:03 am

Well, it has begun.

The flood of daily news of global impact is really hard to keep track of (let alone to comment on every bit) but I'll comment briefly on some of the most important happenings and some of the events to be expected.

18 June: Papal encyclical 'Laudato Si' released. Amidst the brutal massacre of Christians in the Middle East, hostile secularization in the West, the global financial crisis, refugees virtually flooding Europe, general decline of morality, one would guess that there's plenty to write about in a papal document. But with this pontificate, what else could be more suitable and actual topic of a new encyclical in the midst of all this than... climate change? (Some jokingly refer to it as the 'Recyclical'.)
Moreover, as it focuses not on religious topics, it reads like nothing short of a UN 'sustainable development' (read: population reduction) propaganda piece, calling for global governance and subtly promoting a New Age eco-pagan, earth-worshipping one-world religion.
To put this encyclical in the right perspective, it is of utmost importance to be informed about the New Age movement, its ties to the United Nations and their goals – while the books written about the New Age could fill libraries, here's a brief and excellent crash course (it appears to be scanned from print, with the usual software text-recognition artifacts but still readable).
Those familiar with the 'Warning' messages, all of this is no news. What (some) scientists call 'climate change' is actually God's chastisement, manifesting in environmental turmoils ("The valleys of tears will spring up everywhere and it will be blamed on climate change and global warming. But this is not so.") The messages also go on to clarify: "So much misinformation has been spread in relation to the environment, when only God can dictate how the earth behaves." "[A]ny climate upheaval is by the Hand of God. Man’s intervention in such a Divine creation will only be permitted if it is according to the Will of God." "[T]he duty of My sacred servants is to remind the world of what is right and what is wrong. When they remove themselves from matters, which concern the soul in exchange for matters, which amount to socialism, then know that this is a subtle and cunning deception."
To top it all off, what could serve as a better illustration than a hammer-and-sickle 'crucifix'?

26 June: US Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage; 22 May: Ireland same sex marriage vote. Now – one thing is certain. God is coming to judge and the time is sooner that we think. In the 'Warning' messages, same sex marriage is explicitly objected to in very strong terms as marriage is not just human law or custom but a sacrament (see here or here).
Folks, no matter whether gay or straight, on the fast-approaching final day I think no one in his/her right mind wants to be on the wrong side.

Ongoing since 14 July: videos being leaked about a major abortion provider appearing being involved in illegal sale of body parts. Very unsettling and gruesome topic. The 'Warning' messages cover the topic of abortion (for example here), it being one of the worst sins against a fellow human being, making all parties involved complicit in the process. I think in the US there is a heroic battle going on in this field.
Also related: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion

25 July: Unveiling of a satanic statue in Detroit, huge news coverage. While – as always – mainstream media tries to minimize the importance of such events and write them off as 'provocative pranks' assuring us that there are 'no consequences', the unsettling part is this: attendees had to sign a contract to literally sell their souls to the devil. (The conract's wording reads like being the reversal of baptismal wovs.)
They might have arrived there as unsuspecting atheists or agnostics and they may have considered the event only as a 'prank'. Being unaware of the spiritual aspect of this happening, they very well might have put their chance to enter Heaven into serious jeopardy there and then (unless someone prays hard for them). Here's what the Warning messages have to say about the seriousness of idolatry and satanic contracts:
Explain the horror of Hell to those who are blind to existence of Satan
The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that only hardened sinners are cast into the fires of Hell

There are also some events scheduled for the next few months (that I'm aware of and find worth mentioning):

25-27 September: UN Sustainable Development Summit featuring Pope Francis. From what I wrote this far, this seems to be a press opportunity to reveal more from the global governance plans. Details here.

4-25 October: "Synod of the Family" in the Vatican. A continuation of the 2014 preparatory synod, this synod is expected to discuss issues that Church doctrine declares ipso facto canonically illicit, such as contraception, same sex marriage, Communion for the divorced-and-remarried. It is feared that the discussion will be turned to a process of approval (readers of the 'Warning' messages are aware of the fact that this is already a long done deal). We are not just free not to comply but we are obliged to resist such non-laws: "When my Son’s enemies try to force you to accept laws, which are not from God, then you must resist these. It may be difficult for you but you will be given the strength to continue on your journey and, every kind of help from Heaven will be given to you." (Although many will not be strong enough to do so.)

The deepening of the current financial crisis is also not a question of "if" but "when" – some predict that it will come after an IMF meeting in October (there are only speculations about that event though).

As the options for and consequences of following God or the New Age/New World Religion (that is, the devil) are becoming more and more clear, the time to choose becomes closer – as if the wheat would soon be separated from the chaff (Matthew 13:24-30 KJV DRA; 13:36-43 KJV DRA)

It is generally observed that in times of war and turmoil, especially when there is religious persecution involved, it takes an enormous effort to 'stay afloat' spiritually. In such situations, bare physical survival is taking up most of the day and religious services becoming hard (if not impossible) to attend. In this exhausted state one is more prone to gradually drop prayer and religious services – getting back on the spiritual track therefore gets harder and harder. To contrast this, one has to make spiritual preparations beforehand and get into the rhythm of daily prayer as the base of faith life and spiritual (and perhaps even physical) survival. (The parable of the ten virgins comes to mind in Matthew 25:1-13 KJV DRA)

Prepare physically (stockpile food and preps) and spiritually (Medals, Scapulars, Holy water). Keep on praying (Seal of the Living God #33 and #24, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet), observe God's laws and do what God wants (dispose inflatables and whatever else). As written earlier, do not take any microchip (it is the Mark of the Beast) or any vaccine. Focus on your and others' spiritual well being and despite all doom and gloom try to maintain a positive outlook on life as this period will be short.
Just to reiterate two important and comforting messages:
Allow Me to lift you, from all harm, to safety away from the Antichrist
Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth

Personal status: struggling with day-to-day stuff, disposing inflatables, doing whatever I can to prepare. Hopefully I'll be able to find time to stay online and post here in the hard times ahead.

Stay strong & Stay in the Lord!

Edit 2 August: grammar; adding new links

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News & Happy Easter

Apr. 4th, 2015 | 11:42 am

Starting with the ‘Warning’ messages – it turns out that the main (English) website (thewarningsecondcoming.com) went offline on the 20th of March. There was no official reason given (with the exception of some minimal hints on the official Facebook page and on the German website) so there is wide speculation going on what happened and whether the website will be up or not. We'll have to wait for further news but there are (unconfirmed) statements that all messages and prayers have been received. Since many websites were archiving the messages, they are still available, for example here – I suggest however to download the messages now and print them or order a hard copy (in your language and/or in English) to prevent further surprises.

I also suggest to prepare for the ‘Warning’ event spiritually and physically (scroll down for the post that I wrote about this in 2012 titled ‘Preparation’ – the links to the ‘Warning’ website obviously won't work at the moment).

There is another idea for establishing daily prayer: to do it along the TV, radio or podcast! In most Christian TV/radio stations the Rosary is recited more times daily and the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 PM. It could provide a great aid to get into the habit of praying at fix times.

In the previous post I have also briefly touched the topic of exorcism (in Protestant and Evangelical denominations it's usually called deliverance ministry).
Catholic exorcist Father Vincent Lampert's presentation given at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2012 provides the need-to-know information on the topic. (As Father states it's better to learn about this topic from an expert instead of Hollywood.) He gives an overview of what exorcists do (and what they don't do), the spiritual background of exorcism, and describes some of the more interesting cases he dealt with. In the second part he answers questions from the students. The presentation is factual instead of sensation-seeking, not scary and can be safely viewed.
Part 1: Presentation (YouTube link)
Part 2: Questions & Answers (YouTube link)

It must be noted however that while exorcism is widely written about and it is useful and practical to know about it in our spiritually hard times (in case the need for such information would arise), unhealthy curiosity can lead to error – discernment should be applied and one should only rely on experts (if anyone needs further information, I could recommend the books of Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the [now retired] chief exorcist of Rome).

That's it for now and I also would like to wish a happy Easter holiday!

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Some quick thoughts

Mar. 6th, 2015 | 10:30 pm

There was a discussion on IYRU about yours truly and on disposing inflatables. I joined the conversation briefly and noticed some interesting points that weren't part of the main topic but they made enough sense to ponder on here (as it would be way off topic there).

Labeling authentic religiosity as negative. Those who follow the 'Warning' messages (or have even just a bit of common sense) know that there is a massive campaign underway in every denominations to soften up doctrine to suit mainstream culture to the point to condone sin, contradicting the Ten Commandments. Those who stick to authentic teaching are being labeled negatively (bigots, reactionaries, fanatics, fundamentalists etc.) and will be portrayed as violent and dangerous, while the softened up masses will embrace the outwardly soft (but deadly) New World Order/New World Religion.
The current message that was uploaded today (dated March 4th) to the 'Warning' website is exactly about this.

The assumption that inflatables are en bloc 'evil'. I never stated that and I don't think so. Over what I already wrote, I found an interesting video a while ago though. In it a deliverance minister describes cases where there were troubles with dolls and plush animals, in the 1980s. (Duh, where were things like 'Harry Potter' back then...?).

There were claims of 'feeling sick' reading this blog. On the one hand it can be taken as an expression of disagreement since many topics I write about are neither easy nor popular. On the other hand, if it is actual physical aversion, the question arises whether there is a physical aversion towards holy objects aswell? If yes, it could indicate negative spiritual influence, which makes prayer and sacramental life difficult and can be solved by blessings by a knowledgeable priest.

That's for now.

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Prospects for 2015

Feb. 12th, 2015 | 09:20 pm

The site meter has registered a sudden wave of visitors in the first part of January. Since I didn't write for more than 1,5 years I thought it's about time for a new post.

Last year was very hard on me existentially and spiritually. I was busy mostly with basic necessities not giving much thought of blogging. Also 2014 was full of world events – looking at the news one can't help but think of what Christ referred to in the Warning messages as ‘escalation’. A few years ago there was a major event every month or so. Then things started to happen on a weekly basis. Now it's almost daily.

Nevertheless the point here is that we have been given the means to prepare ourselves – if you don't already wear a Medal of Salvation, don't yet pray from the 'Crusade' prayers (all 170 received by now), especially the Seal of Protection prayer (#33) and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I suggest to start as soon as possible, before things really start to hit the fan.

Although one can sense a little bit of ease now but it's a calm before the storm as the prospects for 2015 seem to be quite... hmm, adventurous, to say the least.
Already this year we're behind the horrible attacks in France. In the Catholic Church the schism (foretold in the 'Warning' messages) is already palpable after last year's Synod on the Family but it will probably visibly manifest before the General Synod in October 2015.
In the geopolitical sphere, there are several crisis spots that bring the foretold world war closer by the day. I could go on and on.

As of the inflatable addiction (or the handling of it, to be exact): since I can only tell about minor improvements in this aspect of my life (still struggling with the disposal of my collection), I didn't post on that either. There isn't also much to add to the strategy of kicking an inflatable addiction, laid out earlier.

Just to reiterate: if one has made a firm purpose of amendment of breaking the habit, the following outline should be followed:

1. Developing the basics of the faith
  • starting a prayer life, having blessed objects around, attending Church at least every Sunday, growing the faith by learning and spiritual reading (today one can learn about the Faith via the internet, buying educational DVDs, listening to podcasts in a way that is both enjoyable and edifying)
2. Uprooting occassions of sin
  • managing social contacts (politely pulling out of groups and friendships that keep us in sin)
  • managing computer data (deleting pictures, shopping lists, whatever that means temptation)
  • disposing items that tempt us to sin in a way that others won't be able to use them (in our case, inflatables & plush and such – optimally with help – this can't usually be done in one go and probably takes a long time)
Catholic author Mark Mallett has an excellent article on managing occassions of sin.

3. Strenghtening faith and managing probable relapses
  • after disposing of items, making a general confession (in denominations where applicable), blessing of the home and asking for a deliverance prayer from a knowledgeable priest
  • returning to the Sacraments and developing sacramental life (where applicable), looking for spiritual direction, etc.
According to the experts I have talked to, this should be enough to treat an average case of inflatable addiction, in itself.

(However, in very special cases when besides inflatophilia there are other negative spiritual influences present [especially when one has dabbled in occult/new age practices and is experiencing problems that seem like being outside the natural realm], one could ask the advice of a deliverance minister or an exorcist [according to his/her denomination; as for Catholics, every diocese should have an exorcist on call]. It's usually a long procedure to get a direct appointment and in the majority of cases exorcism is not needed but this information could be practical in case anyone would be in a serious situation.)

The good side in midst of all this is that as the crisis and schism becomes palpable, so does Christ's Remnant Church become more visible, especially on the internet. Never has the true teaching of the Church and un-spun news been made so easily accessible as it is today (often at an enormous personal cost to the people who do the work) – we should definitely take advantage of it.
Romans 5:20 comes to mind: “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” – nevertheless as we're in the last minutes of the time of Mercy and fast approaching the time of Justice (chastisement), we'd better hurry.

I also wanted to write about a simple devotion known as the ‘Three Hail Marys’. It is attributed to St. Mechtild and is basically saying three Hail Marys in the morning and three in the evening. Many saints and theologians recommended this over the ages, especially to prevent sins against purity during the day and the night (it comes as a practical aid in our situation). Read more on the Fatima Center webpage. By the way, although the main focus of the Fatima Center page is promoting the Church-approved Fatima apparitions in Portugal (1917), it is also a great resource for spiritual essentials such as this simple devotion.

As for closing this post, if anyone wants to contact me, currently the best way is to drop a personal message here on LJ. Until the next post – God Bless!

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Status update. Cursed objects

Jul. 2nd, 2013 | 05:00 pm

Again a quick note to indicate I'm doing fine as circumstances allow.
The nature and strategy of the organized stalking campaign has gradually shifted from physical attacks towards the appliance of spiritual tactics (which I have to counter with spiritual means).

As for the inflatable addiction, looking back on the achievements of the past few years (time does fly really quickly), it now seems clear to me that my attempts to find professional and/or spiritual help were and still are deliberately blocked and thwarted, which can be further attributed to a number of factors. There are changes underway though that give a certain amount of hope.

In addition to what I have already written on the topic of inflatable addiction, I must add a short note on so-called 'cursed objects', that is, many items that we buy or trade (mostly in used condition) were in fact cursed by practitioners of black magic and act as vectors of demonic influence.
As this influence is mostly spiritual, it can't always be detected by our senses or measured by instruments – however there are some obvious tell-tale signs such as the packaging of supposedly new items are tampered with, persistent foul odors resembling urine or tobacco that are impossible to remove, spontaneous damages and holes appearing on the inflatables as if by themselves which need constant repair, greasy stains that look like leaking plasticizer but impossible to remove with vinyl cleaner, etc.

Bearing this in mind, the preference for disposing of the collections instead of giving them away (and extending the demonic influence to others by that) probably makes much more sense now... and this gives a short answer to the most frequently asked question ('why dispose?') that I received in private messages, e-mails and chats.

Also I must add that the presence of people who are involved in witchcraft, Satanism, black magic, sadism and other nefarious things on inflatable lists are rampant (and they more often than not wear a mask of credibility and occupy a gang of bootlickers/snitches who back them up so they can lure unwary newcomers more easily, even on Flickr, Youtube, Facebook etc.) so I would advise everyone to be very cautious with whom they engage in personal chat with.
When I was visiting inflatable-related websites, there were discussions of psychopathy (mostly in connection with popping) but in my opinion these things are more related to negative spiritual influences such as satanism, rather than mental illness.

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Status update & Mass intentions

Feb. 12th, 2013 | 03:28 pm

Much has been going on in the past months – sorry for not posting any Christmas or New Year's greetings or anything since last November. The tactical goal of the harassment campaign against me became to occupy my time by flooding me with unimportant tasks that require much time to solve. This makes it quite hard to find a time slot to communicate with friends & family.

There is also much happening in the world – yesterday's papal resignation is a sign that was foretold in TheWarningSecondComing messages and it also indicates that we're getting closer to the 'Warning' event so I think it is wise now to focus rather on spiritual matters instead of focusing on future physical well-being.
Just to reiterate: daily prayer, at least weekly attendance of Church services, receiving the Sacraments (if in the proper state), abstinence & fasting, blessed objects... and so on, as written in my previous post titled 'Preparation'.
Here is also a new short message I gladly recommend – on how to ask Our Blessed Mother to find time for prayer.

Also there is a brilliant 'spiritual weapon' that I didn't mention earlier: Mass intentions!
That is, have one or more Masses offered up for yourself (and/or for your loved ones, especially the dead)! This can be done by stopping at a (Catholic) parish and asking the secretary or the priest. Each Mass said has a fixed fee (called a 'stipend', usually in the price range of $5-$10), which depends on the timing of the Mass (non-musical and weekday Masses are cheaper but have the same effect).
This is a brilliant tactic, because it's easy to do (the only limit is how much money you can/willing to offer), and you can obtain graces for yourself or others even if you are in a state of sin and even as non-Catholic. Plus, you don't have to be present at the Mass that you paid for to have the effect. More on the topic of Mass intentions here.
As of what the intention should be: for healing of a sick person (or yourself), for a deceased person (in fact, to quicken the release a soul from Purgatory, Mass is the most effective way), for someone's conversion, for solution of a problem, etc.

As for LJ, I don't know which approach is better – to write frequent short posts or rare lengthy ones... There is much to write about but things are changing quite rapidly and I have to deal with horrible time management conditions. Until the next post – God bless!

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Impromptu with a hint of politics

Nov. 26th, 2012 | 07:55 pm

Another quick filler post to show some activity... the stats for the past few weeks show a small increase in traffic so I thought I'd write something. My daily life is being micromanaged almost to the second so it's quite a challenge to find some time slot for LJ, nevertheless in the meantime much is happening in the world that is worthy of mentioning here.
I'd like to start with the current message that appeared on TheWarningSecondComing site a few days ago – it's about the nature of the struggles of our lives and particularly the struggle against sin. I found it so touching that I thought I'd have to share the link here.

The other thing I wanted to mention briefly is the election results in the States (although politics is a delicate subject and I wouldn't like to touch it deeper than necessary). Some are statisfied with the outcome, others are not – as an outsider, to me the current situation looks (and reeks) like heading towards communism. Although I was only in elementary school when the wall came down in 1989 (I come from an ex-communist country) so I have only very little 'life experience' under hard core communism (I can tell about how things were then though if anyone is interested).

The current situation in the US however reminds me more of the 2006 situation in my country. Communists then won a second term after coming back into power in 2002 and the whole country was in disillusionment and despair. In 2006 shortly after their re-election the communist leaders admitted (on a recording 'leaked out' to the press) that the election was a scam and after that riots broke out which were handled brutally by the police. Finally they were voted out in 2010 (with a massive defeat) but during their 8 years in office they have pretty much ruined the country so the current administration has much to do in the middle of a global financial crisis... Anyway the reason I wrote this is that there's always hope especially when there is prayer (well, I'd rather say, there is only hope when there is prayer).

OK, that's for now, thanks for reading and please guys keep on praying and especially for the States now. I'll leave the inflatable related stuff later (sorry about that).

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Another short post

Oct. 28th, 2012 | 07:47 pm

This is another short post just to tell I'm OK. Although the harassment campaign against me (the "gang/organized stalking" I mentioned in earlier posts) has intensified to extreme levels but there is always some help that compensates/counters it somehow so it's bearable.

There is also a tendency for me to postpone writing an LJ entry after an appointment with someone who might give advice on the inflatable addiction (and also on what to write here)... but these appointments either don't take place or the problem isn't addressed there so I skip to the next name on my list – and LJ is put on hold for some more time. That approach won't work anymore so I'll compile my notes into a new post soon. I'll also address things that turn up regularly in the mails I occasionally get.

Until then, as it is Halloween time (at least where it is celebrated), I thought it's a great time to post this article on the Christian (Catholic) views on various occult practices. I think it is better to be informed in a calm and objective manner about these things than e.g. Youtube videos (which tend to be rather sensationalistic). I wanted to touch parts of this topic in a later post here so it's a good lead-up for that aswell.
Until then, God bless!

P.S. (1st November) – I'm following the news on the 'Sandy' hurricane, although I guess those who are affected aren't reading this now but I hope everyone and their friends & relatives are OK!

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Aug. 8th, 2012 | 02:39 pm

The post I was having in plan is about pointing to recent messages on the WarningSecondComing website that describe events that can be expected in the near future. In this post I'll also elaborate on things I personally consider important in preparation (spiritually and physically) for the events.
As this entry got a bit long and includes many links, it might take a while to read through, sorry for that (it also took a while to write... plus, considering the frequency of my posts, this might provide just enough reading matter until the next post, heh...)

So, first, the messages that inspired the writing of this post (in case this would sound frightening – it is better to know about these things beforehand and start preparing now, than to stand clueless when the events start happening... on the other hand, the rest of the post will contain many encouraging links, especially near the end):
And for the points that I personally find important in preparing for these events:

1. Prayer and spiritual life

The importance of prayer can't be stressed enough and its power underestimated. The most important prayers to be recited (if possible) daily are:Other prayers are optional, such as adding other Crusade Prayers from the website. The website of the 'Warning' prayer group is also a good resource.

As for praying the Rosary, use the principle of gradualism just like athletes in sport – pray just one decade daily for 1-2 weeks and then increase slowly: go on with two decades and so on (but don't overload yourself because you'll get too tired and demotivated). Also use fixed prayer times (e.g. when waking up, before going to bed or at specific hours – at 15:00, at 20:00 etc.) and fixed periods (e.g. one full Rosary daily for one week). You'll be surprised how much you'll be able to pray in a short period of time!

Other points of importance (according to the messages):
  • Attending Mass/church services weekly (at least) is also important (according to your religion or denomination).
  • Prayer in the presence of the Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration are also especially powerful (if Adoration is available in your area).
  • Fasting is also frequently mentioned in the messages (use the same gradual principles as above and don't overdo it).
  • As for Confession and receiving the Eucharist (for the denominations where it is available/in practice, especially Catholic and Orthodox Churches), the messages at first suggested to confess every two weeks and later to confess every week.
    I personally think that in our situation (inflatophilia) this can be carried out only when someone is totally determined to give it up and working actively on it (probably with spiritual help). The same applies to the reception of the Eucharist (as it can only be received in the state of grace and not in a state of sin – practically, in most cases, shortly after Confession).

2. 'Prepping' – the physical side of preparing

You most probably heard the term 'prepping' – it refers to preparing personally for emergency situations. If you're not familiar with it, I suggest you read up a little bit on the topic. I think this article is a good start.
You should apply discernment on how much 'prepping' suits you and your situation. On the one hand, one shouldn't overdo it (ordinary people probably won't need books on survival in a jungle or a desert) but on the other hand, doing nothing in this field isn't a wise thing. Articles and tips on prepping in urban/rural settings might be therefore of interest.
The very least, you should think for a moment of what you'd do in an emergency situation such as a power blackout or a heavy weather situation in your area.
I think this is an excellent article on the question of food (also the other articles are worth checking).

3. Blessed objects – preparing your home

Apart from prayer and spiritual practices described in the first point, to prepare your home there are blessed objects that TheWarning (and other) messages especially mention (also in this message and this one):
  • Benedictine Cross (St. Benedict Medal)
  • Holy Water
  • Printed 'Seal of the Living God' (download it, print it out, have it blessed by a priest and hang it out in the house)
  • Blessed Crucifixes (for hanging them in the rooms and a small one for wearing)
  • Blessed Candles (during and after the Warning event – candles made from beeswax are the best but ordinary paraffin candles can be also blessed)
You can get the items either in Christian (Catholic) bookshops or online (except Holy Water which you can get in a church). After purchasing them you can have them blessed by a priest at a church. I could add some other items that have special graces, such as the Green Scapular, the Brown Scapular and the Miraculous Medal – all mentioned in an earlier post.

4. Other DOs and DON'Ts

In light of the messages, some other DOs and DON'Ts can be clearly distinguished:
  • Do not accept any microchip or implant. The 'Mark of the Beast' (mentioned in the Bible, Revelation 13:16-18) will be a microchip, according to the (already linked) messages. I guess it's obvious why to stay away from it.
  • Be very careful with vaccinations, do not accept any "sudden global vaccination" as it is designed to kill. (See the above linked message with this title.)
  • Learn about the timeline of the coming events and what can be expected during them. Although it's a huge topic, for a start, some messages that deal with the topic (from 'TheWarning' website): apart from the message on World War 3, this message tells about the timeline of forthcoming events.
    As for the Warning, there are more messages that describe what to expect shortly before the event and how to behave before, during and after it – the FAQ on the page is a good start and then this message and this one and these two.
    The exact dates for the events, however, are not revealed (any message that claims exact dates for events are generally considered false in Church practice) and we shouldn't calculate them (nevertheless I personally tried but didn't get much wiser) – however, it is revealed that as we are already in the first part of the Tribulation, the second part will commence in December 2012.
  • Do not accept any false 'New Age'/'New World Religion' doctrine. More on that in this message.
  • Be knowledgeable on discerning true Christian teachings and 'divine messages' from false (i.e. if they are in line with Church teaching or not). That can only be safely achieved by time by learning and reading about the faith, apologetics, catechism, studying the Bible and of course praying for discernment.
Some addition to the last point here – I try to keep my daily dose of 'regular' news to a minimum and try to read spiritual/religious websites that feature news instead. Much less sensationalism and stress there and the tone is much calmer, plus it has the advantage of learning about spiritual things that might be interesting.
(I can only speak of a Catholic perspective but I think PewSitter.com is a good example – it's a link collecting site in the Drudge Report fashion.)

This is also the case for 'divine messages' – I used to follow many messages and websites that collect them but following them all consumed too much time and became a source of stress so I tried to apply discernment and now I follow only the few I consider to be the most credible (and check others with less regularity).

5. Putting off sinful activities

For us it is quite obvious which sin is the one to manage first (as in circa 90+ percent of the cases)... I have elaborated on that in the previous entries (and will continue to do so) but at this point what I have written is to the best of my knowledge.
Over that I have found a very good video series that addresses this and instead of any 'fire and brimstone' preaching it's quite down-to-earth so I very gladly recommend it (each video is 5 to 9 minutes long):
6. Don't be afraid!

Despite all this doom-and-gloom, while most of the messages I have linked from the 'Warning' website this far deal with negative things, a great part of the messages are quite encouraging. Let's see some of them:
Please allow me a quote from an article by Jason Liske (Top Ten Saints For Sinners):
“I think that there are few saints in the Catholic world that could ever be of more benefit to a Christian reader's soul than St. Faustina.  A simple picking up and reading of even a few lines from her famous Diary is often enough to dispel the darkness of despair over sin and feeling unworthy of the mercy of God.”

Indeed, St. Faustina's Diary (she's the religious sister to whom the Divine Mercy Chaplet was revealed to) is an amazing book, much of it is worth quoting, but just two passages:
“Say unceasingly the Divine Mercy Chaplet that I have thought you. Whoever will recite it will receive great mercy at the hour of death. Priests will recommend it to sinners as their last hope of salvation. Even if there were a sinner most hardened, if he were to recite this chaplet only once, he would receive grace from My infinite mercy. I desire to grant unimaginable graces to those souls who trust in My mercy.” (Diary, 687)
My daughter, encourage souls to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet which I have given to you. It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet. When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death will be a happy one. (Diary, 1541)

With these thoughts I close this post... In the next post I plan to write about my personal situation and some additional info on qutting/getting help. I hope the it won't take this much to write (well, everyone has dreams... :))

Until then, God bless!

[Edit #1, 2012.08.09: removed links that appeared more than once and added paragraph on exact event dates not being revealed. Also added a new encouraging message that appeared today on TheWarning website, 'If you believe in the existence of Satan then know...']

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Status update

Jul. 8th, 2012 | 09:33 pm

This is a quick post to say I'm fine... I hope everyone's also OK.
Also I hope I can finalize the next post that I'm having in pipeline since months (bah...).

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